Sunglasses with strength for women

Sunglasses with strength for women

Looking for reading glasses for the holiday? We got you covered. Our prescription sunglasses for women are available in powers ranging from +1 to +2.5. The materials are carefully selected and the lenses are made of best quality glass which is paramount to good eyesight. We use quality tempered glass in all our glasses.


If you already own glasses or reading glasses, you may ask yourself whether it is possible to enjoy the same benefits when wearing sunglasses. The short answer is: yes, you can. With Luxreaders sunglasses with strength for women, you can have the best of both worlds – perfectly clear vision as well as protection against the sun and UV rays.


Choosing sunglasses is always tricky – you have to get the right shape for your face, the right color, design… But in the cases of sunglasses with strength, you must first of all figure out what strength factor will you need. Luxreaders offer sunglasses with strengths ranging from +1 to +2.5. If you are not sure which one is the right for you, you can try the eyesight test on our website.

Another important factor is, of course, the right sunglasses for your face shape. Some sunglasses might be too small for different faces, some too big… that is why it is ideal to use the virtual try-on avaliable at Luxreaders website, which will show you which sunglasses will look good on you.


Sunglasses with strength are available in many different designs and colors which will certainly compliment any of your outfits. One pair is available for 29 £, but to make your sunglasses collection even wider, you can get 3 pairs for 59 £, which includes even the shipping fee.

The sunglasses remain as comfortable and light as casual reading glasses, but the tempered glass used for the lenses ensures that they won’t easily break and they will endure more.

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