Sunglasses with strength

Sunglasses with strength

If you use reading glasses daily, then you are probably familiar with the challenge of buying sunglasses. You want to read while sun-bathing on the terrace or on the beach, but you don’t want to lose the ability to read as good as with reading glasses while also protecting your eyesight from the sun? At we've gathered a selection of sunglasses with prescription strength that allow you to focus just as well within short distance as you would with normal glasses. That is because they are your completely ordinary reading glasses in good quality, just tinted like sunglasses, so that you can enjoy reading a good book or the newspaper in the sun.

All the glasses are available from +1 to +2,5 strength. If you are unsure what strength of lenses you might need, feel free to try our eyevision test, which will only require you to stand a few centimetrs from your screen and read text in different fonts – through this you can test your eyesight and we will recommend what strength of lense you will need.

When it comes to the design, all the sunglasses we offer are unisex and offered in many different colors. To see what type of glasses is right for your face shape, we recommend our virtual try-on tool, which will allow you to see how different glasses would look on your face. It takes only a few minutes and it helps you pick the glasses which will make you look great.

The materials that the glasses are made from are light and durable yet highly comfortable. Additionally, all glasses are equipped with UV-protection to protect you from the sun's harmful rays, as well as flex bars that adjust to the width of your head.

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