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At you'll find a large and varied assortment of reading glasses in simple yet authentic Scandinavian designs of high quality. Our readers are unisex to cater for both men and women. Our materials have been carefully selected so that we can guarantee high quality amongst which ever material you choose, whether that be acetate, rubber or metal frames. Shop with us the smart way and receive a pair of wicked-quality glasses, at a reasonable price, hassle free. 

Our many years of experience within the optical industry has provided us with the insights to develop an authentic design whilst keeping a close eye on upcoming trends. Our drive to inspire others about authentic Scandinavian designs has led us to create a collection of stylish frames in a wide range of colours and models for your personal expression. We want to help you find the perfect pair that suit both your style and facial shape.

Our readers are available in lens strengths +1, +1,5, +2, +2,5, +3+3.5. All our lenses are made of high-quality, tempered light weight glass, which enables our product to withstand the inevitable everyday scrathes whilst still remaining light and comfortable to wear.


Let's face it- these days reading the take-out menu is a little more strenuous than it used to be... The two most common conditions for worsening eyesight are presbyopia and cataracts, which are both connected to the function of the lenses in our eyes. These lenses have the ability to change their shape and focus, depending on how far away the objects are that we want to see. Lenses are naturally transparent, which allows for the clarity within our vision. However, when we age our lenses gradually become clouded and lose their ability to change shape so precisely. Ultimately, this leads to our vision appearing as blurred or distorted.


As serious as this may sound, the solution for these issues is rather simple – use reading glasses! Readers will help to assist your eyesight in regaining clarity to your everyday life. Here at Luxreaders we want to help you regain your basic sense of sight, but more importantly we want this next chapter of your life to represent that the inevitable should be filled with style and ease. 


First of all, you need to find out which eyesight correction is required for your eyes. You can very easily test your vision right here at Luxreaders with our online vision test! All you have to do is stand a few centimetrs from your computer screen (it's a bit closer than you'd think!) and try to read text presented in different font sizes. This will determine the desired dioptre or lens strength of your future lenses.

Now that we've figured out all the practicalities, the fun part begins! Choosing the design and colour of your future glasses is the next step in your visual expression. You can be as minimalist or dazzling as you please- if you're unsure of where to begin, check out our style guide for some assistance! If you have previously worn glasses and know which types suit you the best, you can head straight to the webshop! If you are unsure about which readers would suit your face shape, feel free to use our virtual try-on option where you can realistically visualise your future readers. Our designs are typically Scandinavian – minimalistic, stylish and timeless. 

The materials that the glasses are made of are acetat, metal, and rubber, which ensure lightness but also comfort and durability. The lenses are also coated and polished to avoid damage by daily wear.

Our genuine designs are reasonably priced at £29, but if you're feeling indecisive about colours, shape and design why not get 3 pairs for £59! Give yourself more options to fit your everyday expressions. 

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