Reading glasses

Reading glasses


On you'll find a large and varied assortment of reading glasses in beautiful designs and high quality. Our reading glasses are mainly unisex and fits both men and women. The materials have been carefully selected – and no matter whether you choose acetate, rubber or metal frames you will get a pair of wicked quality glasses at a very reasonable price.

We have many years of experience in the optician industry and monitor the eyeglass trends closely. Based on this, we have created a collection of stylish frames in a wide range of colours and models for your inspiration and for you to find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your personal style and facial shape.

Our reading glasses are available in strengths ranging from +1 to +3.5. All our lenses are made of best quality of tempered light weight glass, which make them withstand everyday scrathes while they are light and comfortable to wear.


The two most common conditions for worsening eyesight are presbyopia and cataracts, which are both connected to the function of the lenses in our eyes. These lenses have the ability to change its shape and its focus, depending on how far the objects we want to see are. The lenses are also clear and there is nothing in the way of a perfect image. However, with aging, our lenses can become clouded, and also they can slowly loose its ability to change its shape so perfectly, which is why our vision may appear blurred or distorted.


As serious as it may sound, the solution for these issues is rather simple – buying reading glasses. Reading glasses will help to fix your eyesight, but the aim of Luxreaders is to also provide customers with addition to their style and lifestyle, and to prove that reading glasses can be stylish and fun.


First of all, you have to find out what strength of lenses you will need for your eyes. This can be found out easily with Luxreaders vision test. All you have to do is stand a few centimetrs from your computer screen and try to read text in different font sizes. This will determine the desired strength of your future lenses.

After figuring out the practical part of choosing your reading glasses, the more fun part comes into place, which is choosing the design and the color of your future glasses. If you had worn glasses in the past and you know which types suit you the best, you can head straight to the webshop, but if you are unsure about what reading glasses would fit your face shape, feel free to use the Luxreaders virtual try-on option which will help you to determine what glasses are right specifically for you. The designs are typically scandinavian – minimalistic and stylish.

The materials that the glasses are made of are acetat, metal, and rubber, which ensure lightness but also comfort and durability. The lenses are also made to avoid getting damaged by daily wear.

The pricing is currently set at 29 £, but if you can’t decide between different colours or you simply want to have more options to choose from every day, getting 3 pairs for 59 £ could be the right option for you.

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