Minus glasses

Minus glasses

If you find it problematic to see into the distance, the right solution for you could be Luxreaders minus glasses. These glasses help people suffering from myopia, as known as short-sightedness, a condition which makes distant objects seem blurred and not fairly clear. Myopia can be developped in an early age due to genetics as well as later on in life, but no matter when it starts, there is never too early to deal with it – easily with minus glasses.

Luxreaders minus glasses are made for nearsighted persons who find it difficult to see at long distance. They are available from strength -2 to -1 and are therefore made for persons with easy nearsightedness.

The glasses are made in different materials, which are light but still durable yet comfortable, and our simplistic and stylish designs rooted in scandinavian style and are suitable for both women and men. If you are unsure of what type of glasses is the right one for you, feel free to use our virtual try-on option, which will help you choose the right glasses especially for you depending on your facial shape.

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