Minus glasses for women

Minus glasses for women

Women's minus glasses - made for nearsighted women who find it difficult to see at long distance. They are available from strength -2 to -1 and are therefore made for persons with easy nearsightedness. The glasses are made in different materials and designs and are suitable for all women.



If you have come to the conclusion that your eyesight is not what it used to be, which is nothing to be ashamed of, now is the time to choose what kind of reading glasses you might need to help you to see as good as before, if not better.

 At first, you will have to find out the strength that your future lenses should have. This can be found out at the doctor’s office, or if you want to save time, you can try the online eyesight test available on the Luxreaders‘ website. All you need for the test is a few minutes of your time. After distancing yourself from the computer screen by 40 cm and trying to see sentences written in different font sizes, an estimate will be given on what strength of lenses you will need.


If, however, your problem isn’t seeing up close but rather into distance, you will most probably need minus glasses, which help people with myopia, also known as shortsightedness. If you have myopia, distant objects and places may seem blurred, for example signs by the road, or a movie in a cinema. Other symptom is a feeling that your eyes are tired from looking into distance since it requires much more energy for the brain to process the blurred lines of objects.

Short-sightedness might start when you are a child as well as once you’re an adult and it hasn’t been proven what are the causes of this condition. One of the presumed causes is spending a vast amount of time in front of the TV or computer screen during early childhood.

According to the latest studies, myopia is becoming more and more common in the United Kingdom, since it affects 1 out of 3 people in Great Britain, so getting suitable minus glasses is a great solution to fix your eyesight.


Luxreaders offer many beautiful and trendy designs of women’s minus glasses, which will not only help to fix your eyesight, but also be an addition to your outfit.

The minus glasses for women are currently offered in following strenghts:

Women’s minus glasses strength -1

Women’s minus glasses strength -1.5

Women’s minus glasses strength -2

The glasses are available in different shapes and colors, so you can choose which ones you think would fit your face. This can be also found out with Luxreaders try-on function, which allows you to try the different shapes virtually and see for yourself which glasses suit your face the best.

The price is set at £ 29 for a pair of minus glasses, but there is also an option to buy 3 pairs for £ 59, which will allow you to change the glasses on the basis of your mood and outfit without having to make any compromises.

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