Minus glasses for men

Minus glasses for men

Men's minus glasses - made for nearsighted men who find it difficult to see at long distance. They are available from strength -2 to -1 and are therefore made for persons with easy nearsightedness. The glasses are made in different materials and designs and are suitable for all men.



Most people have problems with seeing closer objects clearly as they get older, but some can have it the other way around, thus they have problem with seeing properly to the distance, which is, once again, dangerous, especially when driving a car. This condition is named myopia and is also known as nearsightedness, but even though it sounds scary, it can be easily solved by purchasing the right minus glasses which fix nearsighted vision.


So whether you have been given a prescription for minus glasses from your doctor or you want to buy them from your own initiative, buying your minus glasses online at the Luxreaders shop is as easy as it gets.

Minus glasses for nearsighted men were created exclusively by Luxreaders to help men who find it difficult to see at long distance and who need to fix their eyesight as soon as possible without further troubles.

At the moment, minus glasses for men are available in the following strengths:

Men’s minus glasses strength -1

Men’s minus glasses strength -1.5

Men’s minus glasses strength -2

Luxreaders‘ minus glasses are offered in many different designs, materials and colors, so that all the men can purchase glasses which they like and will enjoy wearing –shape E, shape C, shape D… it’s up to you. The materials are specially developped to be light but also resistant to scratches and breaking.

You can even take advantage of trying the glasses online on Luxreaders‘ website which will allow you to see how would the glasses would look specifically on the face of its owner.

The prices of the minus glasses are currently £ 29 per pair, but for a pack of 3 for £ 59 you will get the opportunity to change the designs of your glasses whenever you want, which is suitable especially for men who like to express their individuality through their clothing and who like trying new things every day.

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