Glasses A-Z

Acetate: What is it? 

Acetate is a natural and hypoallergenic material commonly used in the production of reading glasses. The popular material is known for being the caviar of plastic but is also the eco-choice for buying glasses since it is biodegradable! It has great versatile properties that allow for the creation of sharp and clear-cut patterns with deep colours and a glossy, transparent finish.

Are reading glasses solely used for reading?

Reading glasses are primarily for reading text in a book, on your phone, tablet or your computer. However, reading glasses from Luxreaders are not just for reading, they’re about enhancing your look and making you feel great.

Are reading glasses bad for your eyes? 

No. Reading glasses are not bad for your eyes. Reading glasses reduce eye fatigue and headaches for people who need them. Reading glasses are beneficial for your eyes and you’ll notice the difference! They assist your vision by altering the rays that are absorbed into your spectrum, but they don’t physically change the structure of the eye permanently.

Are yellow-tinted glasses bad for your eyes?

No, they are not bad for your eyes but the tint does serve multiple purposes. They provide increased contrast and definition in low light conditions and also reduce eye strain by deflecting scattered blue light. However, wearing tinted glasses indoors too often makes your eyes more sensitive to light as your eyes adjust to darker settings making future light exposure feel brighter.

Bonobo: do monkeys need reading glasses?

Research shows that the Bonobo monkeys' vision deteriorates over time. As the monkeys gradually age, they create more distance between one another when caring for their troop's fur. This is the same reason why, over the years, humans have to keep a book further and further away from their faces to read.

Can I get a copy of my glasses prescription?

In most cases, you will be presented with your prescription information after your eye examination. However, if you find yourself in a situation without access to your details - it is a legal requirement that this information is given to you upon request.

Can I wear reading glasses all the time? 

Yes! Reading glasses can be worn at all times. As long as your eyes are comfortable. Reading glasses can help you with presbyopia, the age-related loss of ability to focus on text messages on a smartphone, tablet or words in a book.

Can I use my glasses prescription from my home country in another country?

UK prescriptions may be used in many European countries, however, you'll have to consult with your current optometrist about your travel/move and organise a cross-border prescription. If you are already within a foreign country without having consulted your home optician, you can easily provide a new optician with a pair of glasses you already own so they can examine your current prescription. However, certain countries have exceptions and may require a new eye test upon arrival, so try reaching out to an expat-friendly optician than can assist you effectively.

Can I use reading glasses instead of getting a prescription?

Prescription glasses are designed to help a specific vision problem and for full-time use, while reading glasses help to correct certain distances you might have trouble seeing clearly.

Can reading glasses reduce headaches? 

Yes! Reading glasses reduce eye fatigue and headaches for people that need them. Reading glasses are beneficial for your eyes if you are short-sighted so you’ll feel the difference.

Can reading glasses be used to watch TV? 

No, reading glasses don't help if you are struggling to watch TV. Readers are used for reading smaller texts where you are looking at something up close. When you watch TV you sit too far away for reading glasses to have a physical effect. However, if you're watching on your laptop with subtitles then they may come in handy. If you find the TV blurry, then glasses for distance may be the solution, as you might be suffering myopia.

Can I wear reading glasses all the time? 

Yes! Reading glasses can be worn at all times. As long as your eyes are comfortable. Reading glasses can help you with presbyopia, the age-related loss of ability to focus on text messages on a smartphone, tablet or words in a book.

Can I use reading glasses instead of getting a prescription?

Prescription glasses are designed to help a specific vision problem and for full-time use, while reading glasses help to correct certain distances you might have trouble seeing clearly.

Can you buy reading glasses online?

Buying reading glasses online has never been easier. This is the best way to shop - no queues, no more settling for over-the-counter specs. Select the perfect pair hassle-free. Choose your frame and lens strength - and your readers will be on the way!

Can you donate old prescription glasses?

Domestically, most opticians and eye doctors accept glasses to be recycled which is greatly important for the responsible management of products we intend to throw away. If you have glasses that are in fairly good condition, many local organizations would be pleased to accept donations to help those in need.

Can you use any frames for prescription glasses?

Unfortunately, not. Your frames have to be "optical grade", which implies that they have the right grooves to hold a prescription lens. You may find that some lenses in a pair of old frames are unable to come out and be replaced with new prescription lenses.

Cheap reading glasses: Where can I buy them?

Cheap reading glasses can be bought in many places. A large segment of the production of glasses is traded to gas stations, pharmacies, and supermarkets. Unfortunately, there is often a connection between low price being associated with bad quality, which is experienced in stores that do not specialise in this industry.

Computer glasses: How are they different from my readers?

Computer glasses, otherwise known as blue light glassesare a term for glasses designed to provide the best working conditions if you spend ample time in front of a desktop screen. The glasses are carefully measured concerning the distance between you and the screen, which consequently distinguishes them as more optimal for screen use than ordinary glasses, contact lenses and reading glasses.

However, it's still common for many people to use regular reading glasses when sitting in front of the computer screen since they are still able to read the screen. However, your regular readers are not specifically categorized as proper computer glasses.


Farsightedness is a vision condition where you can see objects clearly that are far from you but where you struggle the closer the object gets since your vision blurs.

Felt pouch: What is it?

An eyeglass case is used to store glasses. When you buy your glasses from us, a free felt case is included for each pair in the shipment, whether you buy a pair of readers or sunreaders with lens strength.

Free returns: Can I buy reading glasses and still get a free return?

Free returns allow you to physically try on your glasses at home to visualise if they suit your face and style and if you're at all dissatisfied with your product- send them back, free of charge. We want to eliminate the risk when it comes to buying online, this means you have the opportunity to return them free of charge, no questions asked. There is a return slip in the box, which you simply apply to the package before sending it back.

Gas station / Over-the-counter specs

These glasses are usually produced in large quantities using cheap materials and sold to gas stations and supermarkets that don't focus on the customisation of products or high-quality. This often results in glasses that have poor lens strengths, which sit awkwardly on your face because they don't fit properly and they certainly don't last very long. Consumers who purchase these types of glasses usually act on impulse because they need a quick-fix, although they probably needed glasses several years before this purchase.

How do I make sure my reading glasses fit?

Your reading glasses should fit the width of your head comfortably and not give you a headache from clenching your head. If in doubt, we've put together a littleguide on how to evaluate it yourself:

- Your pupils should sit near the centre of the lens. 

- Your eyebrows should not sit inside the glasses.

- Your glasses should not fall on the tip of your nose. 

- When you smile, your cheeks should not move the glasses up. 

How to find out what prescription your glasses are?

The most reliable way would be to call your eye doctor and get your previous results. However, if you are buying simple reading glasses that are mono-focal you can also try our indicative vision test that provides a recommendation.

How to read your eyeglasses prescription?

When reading the provided prescription for your glasses there will be numbers assigned to the following abbreviations, Oculus Sinister (OS) which means left eye in Latin and Oculus Dextrus (OD) meaning right eye. These numbers will provide the necessary strength needed for each eye and if the abbreviation OU is used this will indicate that both eyes are affected. 

Is a contact lens prescription the same as a glasses prescription?

No, they are not the same. Glasses typically rest 12mm from your eyes whereas contacts are placed directly on them. A prescription for contacts would have additional information such as diameter and base curve.

Lightweight reading glasses: What's the deal? 

Lightweight glasses are, as the word indicates, made of light glass. In the past, lightweight lenses were thicker than regular lenses, but today, modern production technologies have made them thinner. The glasses have the obvious advantage of being lightweight, which are extra comfortable to wear on your face and head. They won't leave indents/marks on your face from resting on your skin for long periods. Another advantage of lightweight glass is that they have a strong breaking resistance and do not shatter.

These glasses are slightly more susceptible to scratching than mineral glass, but in the case that they are hardened lightweight glass- they achieve about 80% of the mineral glass's breaking pressure.

Minus glasses: What are they?

Minus glasses are produced for myopia. The higher the number, the higher the lens strength is in the glass, which means that glasses with minus strength -3.0 have a higher lens strength than minus glasses with -2.0. 

The higher the lens strength, the more the lens curves. We offer a range of lens strengths for our readers, which have been assessed by our experienced opticians. However, in the UK, if you would like to order minus glasses you will have to get a prescription from your optometrist

Nearsightedness: What does it mean to be nearsighted?

To be nearsighted means you can see objects that are in front of you but struggle to see from afar. The further away the object is, the more blurry it will appear. It feels a bit like when you're trying to focus the lens of a camera.

Nose pads: with or without nose pads?

Glasses with nose pads are more customisable. They offer a lot of flexibility in angle, width, and height. It's much harder to get a perfect fit without them.

One power lenses: What are one power lenses?

One power lenses are glasses with the same lens strength throughout the glass. These types of glasses are also known as finished glasses where your eyes look through the lens and automatically find the right spot where the correction will focus for you.

Plus or minus strength? 

A minus sign on your glasses means you are nearsighted so your glasses help move objects closer and increase adaptation.

A plus sign means you are farsighted so your glasses help move objects farther away and reduce adaptation.

Presbyopia: What is it?

term for gradually losing the ability to focus on dense objects. It is a natural process that begins as we age where the lens in the eye becomes less flexible and able to adjust.

Reading glasses with blue light?

If you want to be able to both read the text on your phone or tablet, whilst still protecting your eyes from blue light- you should get a pair of blue light readers! Your eyes will be protected from harmful overexposure to blue light and you'll still experience the benefits of clear vision from the readers.

Round reading glasses: Where can I find them?

Round glasses have been fashionable for years since they are a timeless piece. We always make sure to have a varied selection of round glasses so there is something for everyone. Both when it comes to colours and materials.

Small reading glasses: Where can I find my size? 

All people are different. Therefore, our heads and faces naturally come in different sizes, which of course makes for different requirements for the glasses. All the glasses in the range are equipped with flexible bars so that they adjust to the size of the head. You can see an overview of all the narrow glasses by trying our style guide, where you can find glasses that suit your facial shape and personal style.

Sunreaders - Sunglasses with lens strength? 

Sunreadersfunction like ordinary reading glasses - just with tinted glass. They are perfect for when you are on holiday in the sun and would like to read a good book, whilst basking in the sun on the beach.

Many people often wear a pair of readers with their sunglasses over them, which is not optimal and extremely chunky to wear. Make things easier for yourself and try our sunreaders that are the perfect combination of your desired lens strength with tinted UV-protection. Spread the good news that sunreaders exist and are available right here!

Tensile strength: What is tensile strength? 

Tensile strength is an expression for the glasses' ability to withstand everyday scratches and wear-and-tear. The tensile strength varies according to the type of lenses used and can be significantly increased by hardening of lenses.

Turtle glasses: What are they? 

Our Turtle collection consists of many popular glasses, which are greatly desired within our range. This collection is versatile and filled with stylish classics that can be worn for all occasions for both women and men. Our Turtle readers are contrasted in either a light or dark turtle, but where they are both beautiful in colour and rich with patterns. You can't go wrong with these; get that light-laid-back look or dress yourself up with a richer, darker pair.

Our turtle readers are also trending as retro glasses, where our lighter round glasses are especially popular for women and men who are looking for some high-quality, vintage-inspired reading glasses.

Wide reading glasses: Are they for me? 

Our heads and faces are shaped in many different forms. This means that we all have certain requirements for our glasses. If you especially need constant, easy adjustments for the width of your head, wider glasses may be the better option for you. They are equipped with flexible bars to comfortably fit the width of your head and we have designed some extra-wide models if you need more room for adjustment.

If you are unsure about which glasses fit your head width or even personal style, just try our guide right here. 

Which reading glasses suit me? 

Buying glasses online can be difficult as you want to make sure that they have a comfortable fit and also suit you. That's why we've created an easy style guide that quickly gives you an overview of which glasses fit your head width and personal style. Let us help you feel inspired- try our style guide here!

What are reading glasses made of?

The lenses of reading glasses are produced from carefully selected plastic materials. Our frames come a diverse array of shapes, colours and materials. The key materials for our frames are made of biodegradable cellulose acetate, sleek stainless steel or lightweight rubber.

What is your brand about?

At Luxreaders we want to change the way you would usually buy readers. Shop with us online and risk-free with our free returns policy. Our passion for minimalist, Scandinavian design is the key element expressed through our tailored eyewear. All glasses are designed in Denmark, where we devout our work to unite new trends with traditional and classic designs. We have a sea of shapes and designs, so you can find the perfect pair of glasses. Check our website out and try our Virtual Try-on to see if the pair suits you.

When is it time to get reading glasses? 

Is your sight teasing you? You're not the only one. We have compiled a checklist indicating whether you should invest in a pair of reading glasses:

You're squinting more when you have to read

You hold your newspaper or phone further away

A burning sensation in your eyes

Headaches from reading

Increased eye fatigue

Needing more light to read

Objects are blurred

Which lens strength do I need?

To determine which lens strength you need for your reading glasses, we have created an indicative vision test.
To get an accurate result, sit 40 cm away from the computer screen - it's closer than you think.

Who invented reading glasses?

The father of modern optics who first discussed the possibility of correcting vision with smoothed lenses was Arabic astronomer, Ibn al-Haytham, who wrote about it in his study between the 10th and 11th century. However, it wasn’t until the 13th century that the monks translated his work to Latin and put Ibn’s ideas into practice by smoothing crystals which then served as an aid, especially to older monks whose vision got worse with age. These crystals started to be called “stones for reading” and they had to be held manually in front of the text.


The good feeling you get once you pick up your Luxreaders glasses from the mailbox, from the local post office or from your very front door. You have finally found a supplier of high-quality readers that make you look great, aren't too expensive and were so easy to get. Those quick-fix glasses from the gas station are now long in the past.

7 years

This is the estimated amount of time that goes by for first-time people who need glasses but continue without buying them until they have to give in. For some, the impulsive purchase of quick-fix glasses from the gas station becomes worryingly more permanent than planned. We really want to change that. That is why we are working to break down the barriers that exist when it comes to testing your eyes and buying your first pair of readers. Our online vision test allows you to give yourself quick, easy, frequent eye tests to see if you need them or which lens strength is best for you. Our virtual try-on allows you to visualise how they will look and you can do this all from the comfort of your own home and swipe through our entire collection to find the perfect pair. 

Are yellow-tinted glasses bad for your eyes?